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Integrate Connect

Connect - Integration Guide

Connect combines KYC and authentication to enable your users to conveniently sign up or sign into your application. New users will pass through the credential-based onboarding process you configure; existing users will auth back in with their trusted identity. This gives you and your users a seamless, unified experience for sign up and sign in.

Once you have signed up for Portabl and configured your Data Profile, follow these steps to add Connect to your application:

Settings Configuration

Access your Connect configuration settings by visiting Connect Settings (opens in a new tab). This is your headquarters for all the settings you need to launch and manage Connect successfully.

  • Redirect URL: Specify the URI where users will be redirected after successful Sign In/Sign Up.
  • Allowed Web Origins: Provide a comma-separated list of URLs from which authorization requests via Connect can originate.
  • Cross-Origin Authentication (CORS): Allow cross origin authentication.
  • Stub Native Auth Server: Use stubbed out authorization for you to get started quickly.
  • Native Account Lookup/Registration Endpoint: Define an endpoint from your application which accepts a set of required user datapoints and synchronously evaluates them to either natively register a new user account, match an existing user account, or decline a user application.
  • Native Auth Server Domain URL: Set the URL where Portabl can request an access token after a successful sign-in/signup.
  • Native Auth OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials: Provide a Client Id and Client Secret to allow Portabl Core™ API to securely exchange tokens for your users on behalf of your application.
  • Native Auth API Audience: Define the audience to apply to the returned access token.
  • Native Auth API Scope: Specify the scope to apply to the returned access token.
  • Native Auth Error Page URL: Specify the URI where users will be redirected to upon error during Sign In/Sign Up.


After configuring the Connect settings, integrate the client-side Connect SDK into your application. Choose the relevant library based on your project's requirements and follow the provided integration steps.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly incorporate Portabl's Connect feature into your application, allowing your users to easily sign in or sign up through Portabl. This streamlines the identity verification and authentication processes and lets you keep your environment secure while enhancing the user experience.