🚀 Quickstart

Connect - Quick Start

Let’s test out running Connect by cloning the Quickstart (opens in a new tab). You’ll need to grab your Account ID from the Portabl Console (opens in a new tab) once you've signed up.

Once you have obtained your Account ID from the Portabl Console, we can start integrating Connect!

Here you will find necessary steps and samples to get the app running on your machine utilizing our Client-side SDKs (opens in a new tab).


Let's configure your environment variables.

Setting up Environment Variables for Connect quickstart

Create a .env file from .env.example in the root directory and fill out the environment variables needed for Connect.

cp .env.example .env

Running the Project

You have two options for running the quickstart example: with Docker or without it.

Running with Docker

This repository is configured to be built and run using Docker and Docker Compose.

Make Commands:

  • up: Builds and starts the container.
  • logs: Tails logs from the container.
  • stop: Stops the running container.

To start the container, use one of the following commands:

# Connect Javascript
make up integration=connect lib=javascript
# Connect React
make up integration=connect lib=react

Running without Docker

If you prefer not to use Docker, follow the steps below:

  1. Install dependencies:

  2. Run both the frontend and api sample projects in development mode. Choose one of the preset commands based on the library you want to run:

    # Connect Javascript
    yarn dev:connect:javascript
    # Connect React
    yarn dev:connect:react