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Getting Started with Portabl

Use Portabl’s APIs and web-based tools to configure and manage everything you need to define, issue, and verifiy trusted financial identities for your users. Verification configurations make it easy to ensure that onboarding and authentication events meet your KYC standards while being data-minimizing and privacy-preserving.

Build trust with your users by issuing and verifying financial identities that grow with their needs while simplifying your most sensitive PII needs.

Sign up

To sign up for Portabl, go to https://console.getportabl.com (opens in a new tab) to apply for a Portabl Provider account. When using email authentication, you will need to confirm your email address.

Upon signup, an identifier will begin provisioning for you by default. It's activation will usually take 1-20 minutes. You can view your identifiers and their statuses in the Portabl Console (opens in a new tab).


While you wait, feel free to complete the rest of your account setup.