Connect SDKs

Connect Javascript SDK

The Connect JavaScript SDK makes it easy to integrate Connect into your application, enabling users to effortlessly sign in or sign up.


This guide assumes that all prerequisite steps mentioned in the Connect tutorial have been applied and configured.


  npm install --save @portabl/js-connect-with-portabl

Create the client

Initialize the client with an accountId and the respective domains for the environment.

const connectClient = new ConnectClient({
  accountId: '<PORTABL_ACCOUNT_ID>',
  connectDomain: '',
  walletDomain: '',

Sign In / Sign Up

To initiate a login attempt that creates a new user if one doesn't already exist, call loginWithRedirect.

document.getElementById('login').addEventListener('click', async () => {
  await connectClient.loginWithRedirect();
window.addEventListener('load', async () => {
  await connectClient.handleRedirectCallback();
  // Connection established. Now make a call to get the access token.
  const { access_token } = await connectClient.getAccessToken();

Check if the user is authenticated

To check if the user is authenticated, use the getIsAuthenticated() method.

const isUserAuthenticated = await connectClient.getIsAuthenticated()

Sign out

To sign out a user, call logout().



accountIdstringYour account ID
connectDomainstringThe domain for accessing the Connect API
walletDomainstringThe domain of the Portabl wallet