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Portabl Core™

Portabl Core™

Portabl Core is the foundation of our product offering, encompassing a lightweight set of tools to streamline user onboarding, ongoing identity management, and authentication. This is just the beginning, and you should expect to see more features grow out of Portabl Core

Here's what you can expect from Portabl Core:

Data Sync

Portabl Core's Data Sync feature is built upon the credential issuance part of our engine. It involve a handshake to create a secure session, authenticate user identity and offer a branded credential from your app that synchronizes users identity data with their Portabl accounts.

The initial issuance establishes a protected tether, as if you’re subscribing to secure updates from their passport. This approach to treating identity management as a verifiable data feed supports for real-time updates whether changes are made to the user's data in your app or the Portabl Passport.


Portabl Core's Connect feature uses both credential verification and credential issuance to allow users to sign in or sign up using similar to how users might utilize Google, Facebook, or another single sign-on provider, but with ownership over management of identity credentials.

With one integration, Connect provides the tooling for registration and account origination as well as ongoing sign-in without the use of passwords.

Portabl uses OIDC4VP and configurable presentation exchange steps to allow for flexible KYC data sharing and registration, and is built to support KYC requirements under USA regulations. It can be used in a standalone capacity or integrated with existing identity decisioning tools to customize the scope of data needed to fit unique business requirements to maximize privacy and security without sacrificing accuracy.



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