Verify Users

Verify Users

This guide explains how to use Portabl Connect to securely authorize and verify your users' identities.

Create a Project

Explore first steps to register a project.

Setup a Verification Data Profile

Explore the steps to outline base requirements and advanced constraints to your user verification process.

Setup Verification Settings

Explore the steps to configure your project for the data verification of your users.

Add Our SDK to Your Application

Now, you're ready to connect the project you've configured to your application.

We offer both JavaScript and React implementations. Using the details you've configured, please implement your chosen SDK.

See the results

You would be able to lookup up records of your users inside the users tab of a respective project.

Upon successful user verification process completion, you can access recently verified data by:

  • Listening to the VERIFICATION_WORKFLOW_COMPLETED webhook event, and fetch the issuance workflow record using our API Reference
  • Leveraging the vp_token which is accessible at FE after a successful redirect to redirect URI

Alternatively, you can listen to the VERIFICATION_WORKFLOW_COMPLETED event, and fetch the user account by userAccountId which is returned in the event. This will return a record which includes an aggregation of the most recent values for every datapoint collected though-out the lifecycle of a User Account.

Further Reading

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