Register Webhooks

Manage your Webhooks

To subscribe to relevant events pertaining to the user verification process, risk signals, or credential issuance you can register a webhook.

Navigate to Webhooks

Register a webhook

Click Register Webhook to open a dialogue window.

Webhook TopicA bucket for a group of events related to the same domain, see a table below.
Webhook DescriptionAn arbitrary text as an alias for a webhook.
Webhook URLA URL which going to be trigger with POST request as soon as a respective event identified.
Webhook SecretA shared secret to protect webhook endpoint from an unauthorized access.
Webhook TopicDescription
User VerificationNotifies of an event belonging to user verification process.
User Verification Risk SignalsNotifies of an event belonging to user verification risk signals.
User Verification UpdateNotifies of an event where user proactively share a set of verifeid data. It aims to refresh stale data from previous verifications.
Credential IssuanceNotifies of an event belonging to credential issuance process.
Credential Status UpdateNotifies of a credential status change event on the previously verified or issued credential of your user.

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