Ecosystem Partners

Configure your Ecosystem Partners

Portabl is designed to support secure ID interoperability from day one — both within large ecosystems and between and among individual partners and affiliates. To ensure businesses can define when and where specific credentials can be used, we have introduced the concepts of trusted issuers and trusted verifiers. Here's how you can set up your network.

Navigate to Ecosystem Partners

View Ecosystem Partners configured by default


Ecosystem Partners added by default:

  • Portabl is added as an initial partner. It allows your organization to accept Portabl issued credentials when users go through the data verfication process
  • Your own organization is added to the ecosystem. It allows users to re-verify data which was previously issued to them by your organization

Here you can add new ecosystem partners, modify their roles and status, and delete them.

Add a partner

To add an ecosystem partner, you need to provide the following information

Partner NameProvides an alias you will use to identify a partner organization
Partner DIDA unique identifier of a partner organization that is expected to be used at verification and/or issuance of credentials depending on the roles you assign to them
Partner StatusA status that defines whether a partner is "Active" or "Inactive" within your ecosystem

By default no roles are assigned to a newly added partner.

Assign roles to your partners

You can assign the following roles to a partner.

IssuerAllows credentials issued by a partner organization to be used within your verification process
VerifierAllows credentials **issued by your organization** to be used within your partner's verification process

Integration Guides

Practical, step-by-step instructions for implementing key functionalities.